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Ceramic Fibre Blankets in different densities, widths and thicknesses as per the clients' needs and requirements. These super-spun double needled fibre blankets are zirconia stabilized and are suitable for use up to 1260" C and 1425° C respectively ...
Ceramic Boards and Ceramic Blocks are made from super spun ceramic fibres by multi component organic/ inorganic bonding process. These ceramic blocks are obtained by vacuum suction of a mixture of ceramic fibres with organic and mineral binders. All ...
Ceramic Wool Bulk Fibre Modules that are made from insulating refractory fibre. Bulk fibre texture gives it the added extra of exceptionally long fibres and superior mechanical properties essential to meet rugged service conditions. Bulk Fibre is processed ...
Ceramic Cloth, Rope, Tape, Yarn. These are woven from yarn consisting of refractory ceramic fibre with approximately 20% organic carrier fibre.   Inserted materials are incorporated into the yarn to increase fabric tensile strength. These products ...
Ceramic fibre modules are a unique solution to high temperature insulation applications such as industrial heaters, boilers and furnaces. Ceramic fibre Module has a wide range of features and specific anchoring systems with their pyro fold, saber block, ...
Ceramic Fibre Paper that is manufactured from high temperature Ceramic fibre product like alumina-silica fibres in a vacuum forming process with a latex binder system to give it an extra ordinary pliability. These fibre papers are widely used for different ...